Safe and Convenient for Everyone

This Walk-Thru insert provides great bathing satisfaction. It makes life much easier for those who need it and brings comfort, safety and peace of mind. Bathing is a very personal activity. There is so much satisfaction knowing that help and assistance is no longer needed. This Walk-thru insert provides independent living.

Quick to Install

The Walk-Thru insert Can be installed in a matter of hours and the bathtub remains useable the same day. The Walk-Thru can be installed in cast iron, stamped steel, or fiberglass bathtubs. We even carry an extra large insert that can be installed in a bathtub that has an acrylic liner on it.

Before Walk-thru

"I could not even use my tub to take a bath because I could not get up after bathing..."

After Walk-thru

"...until I had a Walk-Thru installed now I can use my tub as a shower and it is great thank you."
--R. Bell

Universal Access provides a safe and affordable walk-thru bath tub solution that allows convenient access to your bath tub by anyone anytime.

How it works

Watch a brief animated video of how our simple Walk-Thru system works.

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Safe & Inexpensive

Read a PDF on why the Walk-Thru system is Safe and Inexpensive.

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Easy to Use

The Walk-Thru system is super easy to use. Watch a brief video of how it works.

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100% Guaranteed

The Walk-Thru insert is 100% warranted for as long as you own your tub.